Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tony Logue Band Album Review

I recently discovered the Tony Logue Band through Twitter and have been enjoying their "Reckless Kind" album.  Upon first listen, I knew I was going to dig this CD.  I don't want to compare voices but the vocal reminds me a bit of Jason Boland and The Stragglers; however, these guys rock a little harder with a grittier sound.  All for the better, as this is real, rocking country music.

The Tony Logue Band consists of singer/songwriter Tony Logue, guitarist Dylan Driver, Jason Munday on drums, and Kyle Robertson on bass.  Formed in 2008, the band released a seven song EP titled "Calm Before The Storm" in 2009.  "Reckless Kind" followed in January 2012.

The album kicks off with "Down The Line."  A hard-driving anthem for those of us from small towns who yearn to get out.  This song introduces the Tony Logue Band as a group of guys who love singing about real life, love, and being on the road.

"Hangin' On" is a delicious, twisted love tune about being led on in a relationship that is going nowhere.  It doesn't cover any new ground, but it is radio-friendly with the uptempo beat.

The title track is a mini-movie that plays out about a man who has always been wild and crazy.  Reckless driving, drinking, fighting, and losing a love.  The song flows along beautifully despite the sad subject matter, a ballad that begs to be listened to over and over.

One of my favorite songs from this collection is "Nowhere USA."  "...I wonder if I'll ever break these chains...and I wonder if I'll ever get away...well I can't stay right here, stuck in in Nowhere USA..."  This tune describes those of us dreamers who are always looking for something better, somewhere bigger, a place where we can find ourselves somewhere other than the middle of nowhere.

"Dues" is reminiscent of Waylon Jennings.  The road-weary musician singing about the hard road life and urgency of delivery makes this sound like a live show favorite.

Another one of my favorites is "Road I Chose."  I'm a sucker for road songs and this mid tempo tune captures the singer's love of freedom; however, you feel the regret in his voice and the lonely guitar closing the door on the past.

"Burn It To The Ground" is about burning all of the memories left behind by a bad lover.  It's a dark song, it's almost as if the songwriter had no remorse about losing everything, trying to forget everything.

Another painful song about love gone wrong is "Walk Away."  The band sings this with such a forlorn, unvarnished feeling.  It's a simple tune that you would expect to hear on mainstream country radio, but it has raw emotion that unfortunately is missing in today's robotic song machines.

"State Line" reminds me of another Kentucky artist, Chris Knight.  An uptempo song about being poor, working hard, moonshine, and living with what you have.  The band entwines their vocal through the lyrics and rocking instruments to portray a rough and tumble region long forgotten by the rest of the world.

Closing out the CD is "Times Have Changed," a bitter love composition set to an energetic instrumental.  Short, sweet, and bad ass; a fantastic way to finish up this 10 song set.

The Tony Logue Band is still a little wet behind the ears but make no mistake, this band from western Kentucky is making awesome music destined to be heard.  Do your ears a favor and check out this CD.

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