Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Faded Gloryville" Album Review

Lindi Ortega's 4th full length album opens with the smoldering, passionate mid tempo "Ashes" and is a taste of what is to follow on the rest of "Faded Gloryville."  The brand new collection of songs from the Canadian songstress picks up where her previous 3 albums left off, a brand of torch roots music with modern themes.  Lindi wrote or co-wrote every song on the album except for one, the Bee Gee's remake "To Love Somebody."  
The title track is a short and bittersweet ode to musicians who aspire to become the superstars they never will be.  It's a sad state of affairs in the music business today, where an artist is only famous if they follow the "rules" and sell their souls for the sake of a dollar.  Lindi laments "There ain't no stars in Faded Gloryville...We've chased our dreams into the ground...If disillusion has some hope to kill...Here nobody wears a crown..."  It's not just a song for artists, but disenchanted dreamers everywhere who are living a life they didn't expect.

"Someday Soon" is every girl's journey in finding the man of her dreams and walking away from the men who don't fit the bill.  The subject has been written about many times but Lindi sings it with such fervor that it sounds refreshing and new in her honest lyrics and delivery.

"Run Down Neighborhood" tells the tale of a couple of big city dwellers who live in a bad part of town.  Despite the despair of the lyrics, Lindi's delivery is that of happiness, as if living life in the 'hood isn't so terrible.

A personal favorite is "I Ain't The Girl," a lovely shuffle with Lindi channeling the thoughts of millions of women everywhere.  The song floats along beautifully behind the clever lyrics, "...You're too clean cut with polished shoes...I like 'em rugged with tattoos...You drive a really fancy car...I like a truck with rusty parts..."

The album closes with the stunning, lush ballad "Half Moon."  Not really about the moon at all, but a man who's "veiled in midnight lace" and is a mystery to the singer.  It's a simple piece and the instruments accompany Lindi's soulful voice perfectly.

"Faded Gloryville" has a different feel to the singer's previous 3 albums, it's as if there's a little more weariness this time around.  The songs feel more sad and introspective and that's okay; life isn't all about parties and pickup trucks.  I also highly recommend Lindi's other albums "Tin Star," "Cigarettes & Truckstops," & "Little Red Boots."  "Faded Gloryville" is available now.