Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"Holidays & Wedding Rings" Album Review

Jamie Lin Wilson's new album "Holidays & Wedding Rings" is a fabulous second album from the Americana/indie country artist.  Jamie is known for her previous work with the Gougers and most recently, The Trishas.  On this new album (also check out 2010's EP "Dirty Blonde Hair), Jamie steps into the spotlight as one of the genre's finest vocalists, as well as a songwriter who's work is mature beyond her years.
"Holidays" starts off with the rollicking "Just Like Heartache," a pure Americana tune about knowing a relationship is over yet wanting to hold on to that person.  Meanwhile, "You Left My Chair" is a soaring ballad about a divorce and the only thing remaining among the weeds is the woman's beloved chair.
"She'll Take Tonight" and "Nighttime Blues" are barroom shuffles reminiscent of 80's Country with modern twists.  "Moving Along" flows beautifully telling a story of a person who has risen above past mistakes, "...Flying away above this tiny town with feathered wings and a shiny crown....until it's time to come back down...I'll take just one more look around...to check all the atmosphere...I'm wising up seeing clearer how I missed the little things like holidays and wedding rings..."  The entire song is full of lovely lyrics and is a favorite from this collection.
A highlight on the album is the achingly beautiful duet with Wade Bowen "Just Some Things."  The song is about two people who almost cheat but decide "...There are just some things you can't take back..."  It's a quiet song that builds in intensity, the words are heavy and one can feel the raw emotion in every lyric.

On the flip side of the stunning duet, the delightful banjo-driven "Yours And Mine" rolls along about a happy couple who revel in the simple pleasures in life.  The happiness doesn't last long, however, with "Seven Year Drought" a couple struggles to keep it together.  Meanwhile, "Roses By The Dozen" is a deliciously dark murder ballad.  Though the subject matter is somber, Jamie sings it as if she's apathetic to the man who she once loved.

"Holidays & Wedding Rings" is one of the best albums of the year.  Do yourself a favor and pick up this incredible collection of songs.


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