Thursday, October 25, 2012

Presidential Election

With the upcoming Presidential election on everyone's minds (how could we forget with the media bombardment?), I thought I'd write about it for today's blog.

Whether you're Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we are all Americans and we all have the right to vote.  We all have different ideas about how our country should be ran, laws that are made, and where the country should head for the future.

Politics are very polarizing and tend to divide families, coworkers, and friends.  With that said, I'm not going to write about which side I'm on.  People are going to vote for whom they believe is going to be the best leader for our country.  Many politicians are not the most honest people so we have to vote for the lesser of the two evils.

Despite our differences, one thing we do have in common is love of country and the things that hold us together.  One thing that draws people together is music.  My passion for music and love of the USA has me extremely excited about Reckless Kelly's brand new song "Pennsylvania Avenue."  A truly all-American song, it speaks of voting the President out of office if he's not getting the job done that he was hired for.  It's a song for all Americans, whether you're conservative, liberal, or sitting on the fence.  Boldly sung with RK's trademark sound, it's a song that needs to be heard, blasted from rooftops, blaring from car radios, all the way to the White House.

Remember on November 6, YOU can make a difference.  VOTE!  Make your voice heard all the way to "Pennsylvania Avenue."  Vote and while you're at it, grab yourself a copy of Reckless Kelly's new single.  Your ears will thank you.

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